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Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Putter Grip

by Mandy Chan on

A lot of people have been asking about the Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Putter Grip lately. This is due to Tiger Wood recently switching from his much loved and seldom changed Ping Putter Grip, to the Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol Cord putter grip.  Tiger Woods' new Lamkin putter grip is not actually new and the actual model that he has been using on and off throughout 2020 is no longer available.  

We do know Tiger looks to Steve Stricker for a lot of putting advice and speculation is that Tiger may have got the Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Putter Grip from him as he's renowned for keeping a boat load of putters and putter grips.  The Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Putter Grip is pretty similar just without the signature logo. So if you're looking to get Tiger Woods' Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Putter Grip, you can get the closest thing at Golf Shafts Asia (Thailand).

The Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Putter Grip is described as "For fans of Lamkin’s popular Deep-Etched patter and paddle shape, but who prefer a corded putter grip, the Deep-Etched Full-Cord provides the solution. Its heavy cord exposure increases surface traction in all-weather conditions and provides maximum feel and incredible shot feedback." There are also non-cord versions of this.

Highlights include: 

  • Paddle-style profile encourages a more relaxed tension-free putting stroke
  • Heavy cord weave adds enhanced slip-free control in all weather conditions
  • Deep etched pattern provides excellent grip stability and traction
  • Firmer rubber material enhances putting feel
  • Made from a highly durable synthetic rubber compound, built to last round after round

Buy the Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Putter Grip at Golf Shafts Asia (Thailand)

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